Leisure activities Colegio Montessori

Through leisure activities, the Colegio Montessori provides students with opportunities to develop interests and skills in the cultural, scientific, artistic and/or sports fields. In addition to being activities that become the means to acquire discipline, encourage teamwork and strengthen self-esteem.

Group 24-3

Our students usually have several options, through exhibitions, tournaments and contests that take place in spaces other than institutional. Examples of this are the cultural and sports weeks of other schools in Medellin, participation in city events such as cultural, sports, robotics, among others, at regional, national, and international levels.


The objective of the seedbeds is the development of competencies. These spaces are carried out with personnel prepared and trained to lead the spaces. The following are the seedbeds that we currently carry out at Colegio Montessori:



Through research and experimentation spaces, this program allows students to design, develop and program robots. The students apply mechanical, electronic, sensory, and programming skills.



These are activities that allow the development of motor activities and corporal expression, in addition to basic concepts through drawing and painting, ceramics, theater and dance classes.



Through guitar, piano, choir, orchestra, and musical ensemble classes, we seek to develop instrumental skills, listening skills and appropriation of rhythmic and melodic concepts.



This program reinforces knowledge of languages such as English and French, especially speaking and listening skills, as well as the development of new vocabulary.



Stimulation workshops are carried out through reading, art, or sports to meet the different needs of children according to their age, strengthening their active and spontaneous participation.



Classes that promote the preservation of health, quality of life and the good use of free time, through soccer for girls and boys, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and ultimate (Frisbee).

Ciencias naturales

Natural Sciences

Allows students to develop research skills and strengthen scientific concepts through the exploration of phenomena, games, laboratory activities and experimentation in outdoor spaces.

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Montessori Recreational Vacations

At Colegio Montessori we are aware of the importance of generating adequate stimulation for children through different experiences that sharpen their senses, especially at the time of the year when students are resting, that is why we have a Recreational Vacation program.

These offer parents a space for children from 3 to 7 years old to enjoy moments different from the school routine while using their free time in artistic, manual, motor, sensory, aquatic, culinary and recreational activities.


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