Be part of our Colegio Montessori

Your family will be part of the Montessori community, where we form from the being for life.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and prepare the necessary documents to start your admission process.

Step 1

Step 1

To attend our Open Day register by clicking on the button below.

 We invite you to get to know our Institutional Educational Project and facilities, on one of the available dates. Please register here to attend our OPEN DAY for Day Care. Click below for our next Open Day. 

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Step 2

Submit the admissions application.

Submit the admissions application. Submit the fully completed admissions application form at the school's reception desk and pay for the admissions process ($112,000). We only receive applications until April 30, 2024.

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Step 3

Parent Interview

All families who apply are interviewed; parents should attend the interview with the Rectory and Psychology on the scheduled dates.

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Step 4

Sending results to parents

All interviewed families will receive by e-mail the results of their child's admissions process and will be given the related indications about the enrollment process.

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Step 5

Induction to parents and children admitted

This is a space that we open so that new families can live the experience of being part of our community and both children and parents approach the school and can interact with other families who are starting this same life project.

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Step 6

Induction to parents and children admitted.

This is a space for new families to approach the school and interact with other families who are starting this same life project..

Admissions for other grades

If you are looking for a place for a grade other than Day Care leave us your information in the button. We will check availability and contact you to discuss the process for grades Pre-K through 10th (School in Medellín) and Pre-K through 6th (School in Oriente)..

Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

  • When should I start the admissions process for my son or daughter at Colegio Montessori?
    When the child is between 8 months and one year old, you must contact the school to attend the Open Day programmed and learn about our Institutional Educational Project. There, the philosophy, methodology and fundamental aspects of the school are presented. Additionally, a tour of the facilities and an admission application form is handed in.

  • At what age does a child enter Day Care?
    Children enter the Nursery School between the ages of 2 years and 3 months and 3 years and two months.

  • Are interviews or evaluations conducted for children applying to Day Care?
    No, only parents are interviewed

  • If my child does not start in Day Care, can I start the admissions process for another year?
    The first thing the family must do is to check the availability of space in grades other than kindergarten, in case there is space the school delivers the application to the families, interviews are conducted and from first grade children must submit an admission assessment in Mathematics, Spanish and English.

  • Is Montessori a Bilingual School?
    Yes, Colegio Montessori is in the National Bilingual category. The minimum level of English required for a Montessori student is B2 (Upper Intermediate) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Do students have opportunities for immersion trips?

    Students have two possibilities for immersion trips to Canada in 6th grade and to France in 9th grade. In addition, there are other more individual immersion trips to other countries and national trips at different times during school life.

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